* Sorry but I do not currently use email.  Please use the phone number bellow.  My time in the shop is limited these days.  Family issues consume most of my time.  If you call please leave a message.  It may take some time for me to get back to you as I'm on the road and out of town most of the time. Thanks.

What gun I should get questions, I generally avoid.  This is addressed in my FAQ but it thought I'd mention here as I still get many calls a week.   Just take time to read my FAQ.  It explains why in detail.  THANKS!

* Always give a phone number where you can be reached when leaving a message or inquiry. This will speed up the process a great deal!


*At this time I do not export to other countries or US territories.  Maybe at some other time when I have better safeguards in place but I've lost too much money at this point to continue to do so.

*The most important thing to remember when ordering is to contact me before sending payment so you can find out if the item is still available and have me put it aside for you pending payment.

*Be sure to include a note detailing our conversation with payment. I am not likely to remember the details of our conversation unless you spell it out.

* Please include a phone number with the order, so that I can call if there are questions or problems with your order.  This will speed up the process.

*Also, include your email address on your note so you will get a tracking # from UPS when the gun ships.

*I accept checks, money orders or cash as payment.  Checks will be held until they clear.

*I Currently don't take Credit Cards.  Contact me direct if you wish to use PayPal.

*Please include payment with your gun if tune work is being done.  This will greatly reduce the time it will take to get the gun back to you.

* Unless a item is on sale the price is pretty much firm. 

Turn Around Time

My time in the shop is very very limited and I will only occasionally take work in.  If turn around time is a issue, it would be best to seek out someone else to have your work done.  Just being honest.  I haven't been in rifles worked on by others for the most part and can't give a honest recommendation as to who you should send your rifle to for work I don't do or that I'm currently not taking in.  Sorry :-(


All guns are shipped signature required.  When giving me a address to ship to, please give one that the package can be signed for when it arrives.

Always ship your gun with the stock mounted on the action or at least with packaging that that will allow me to send it back that way.  Trigger adjustments change when actions are mounted in the stock and sometimes the the gun won't cock if the screws are over tightened.  If you're having issues with breakage, better packing will usually solve the problem.  Removing the stock only results in something else breaking.  Usually trigger blades or units and barrels protruding from the end of the packaging.

Never Never Never!!! Send a gun packed in packing peanuts!!!!  I HATE them and your gun does too ;-)

Boxes for return shipping costs $25 extra on top of shipping.  This is for guns left with me at gun shows with no box, guns shipped in boxes that are no longer ridged.

Putting a rifle in a soft gun case and dropping it in a box is a sure fire way to get your claim denied when (notice I didn't say "if") your gun arrives broken in two.  Almost every time a gun arrives damaged it's because of poor packing.  Boxes have to be sturdy and not worn out.  Rifles must not be able to move around in the box (this will cause the rifle to jackhammer through the sides of the box).  Even if your rifle is in a padded case it can still move and break the stock if dropped on end unless something is put between the rifles but and the end of the case.  Try rolling about a three inch diameter roll of bubble wrap.  Packing peanuts always settle and do absolutely nothing but make a mess inside your gun and my shop floor.  AGAIN! be sure to have plenty of padding on the butt stock side of the gun.  It's the most common breakage point.

When shipping a gun to me it would be best if you didn't send it in a gun case without a box over it.  It's a open advertisement that it's a gun.  It greatly increases the chance of theft, or damage by employees who are anti-gun.

When shipping a gun  it's best to remove scopes and trigger shoes before sending the gun in for service.  Scopes aren't needed when a tune is done.  I have scopes here for testing if need be. Mounted scopes and stocks are the two biggest breakage risk items.  Trigger shoes often have the small set screws over tightened and stripped heads.  It's very time consuming for me to get them off if this is the case and I have to charge for it.

As a general rule the bigger and the heavier the package the more likely it is to get damaged.  A good deal of the damaged guns that came here were in heavy hard gun cases.  Heavy packages are not loaded onto trucks,  they are thrown!!

Shipping in double gun cases or large single gun cases also makes the package ship at a 30 pound minimum rate with UPS and a few others.  That's fine with me but it as a rule of thumb makes the shipping at least a additional $60 minimum for return shipping.  So I'm not gouging on shipping that's just how it is.

Upon receipt of your order:

*Inspect immediately for shipping Damage!!!!

* All packages leave Spring Gunning in good order. Once the package is picked up by the carrier, it becomes the carrier's responsibility to safely deliver it to the purchaser.

It is the purchaser's responsibility to inspect immediately for shipping damage. In the event of damage, it is the purchaser's responsibility to notify the carrier and initiate a claim (be sure to save all packaging materials.)

PLEASE NOTE:I do not ship to New York City and its boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, these zip codes are: 100xx-104xx, 110xx, 112xx-114xx, 116xx), the city of Philadelphia, PA, New Jersey and Washington DC.  It is against the law for me to ship to these locations and it is illegal for you to receive guns of any kind in these locations!!!!!

Abandoned Guns

* I hate to do this but work left more than 60 days will be considered abandoned.  If your working with me on payment I'll work with you but if you've had work done and you totally disappear when you're asked to send money, I will consider it abandoned after 60 days.


*In the event of shipping damage, refer to the shipping section above

* Most items are returnable for a full refund (less shipping) provided that they are returned within three days and in the same condition as shipped. The only exceptions to this are where damage has been caused by the carrier or the purchaser. This is due to an increased number of people buying the merchandise, trying it (so I can no longer sell it as new or return it myself (ie: Scopes with ring marks, dinged stocks ect...) and returning the item for a refund. All sales are final on closeout items. The three day return will only apply to one gun only.  Customer pays all shipping cost.

Thanks for taking the time to read the above!

Paul Watts
260 Charlotte DR
Oakland, TN 38060
(901) 465-9772
12:00-6:00 Monday-Friday
Please leave a detailed message
Many Thanks!