Gallery Links

Here are a few links of some of the past projects done at SpringGunning.  Also, some ods and ends thrown in for good measure.  All the custom rifles pictured are rifles done for past customers and are not available for purchase. 


Paul Watts

ARH 120 Stock

Stock Blanks and Shelves

R9 ADV (Advanced)  Piston and spring Kit

Ny/Del Guides  Nylatron (Moly and Graphite Impregnated Nylon with Delrin load bearing base)

FWB 124 SetBack Brass  Bottom

FWB124 SetBack Brass   Top


The reason you button a piston

The other reason

ProSport RWS54FT FWB300T

Shop Picture

Standard Modern 13X40 Lathe

Trigger Blades in Progress

Various Seal Materials

Stuff on Da ToolBox

Beeman R1 & R6 with custom stocks

R9 StingRay

Crosman MK2 20cal conversion in progress

R7 barrel shrouds and muzzle brakes in progress

HW97 Full House Target  (Lot's of pictures)

Beeman R7 Stock

Beeman R7 Stock 2

Various Stocks in Progress

Full House Tyroleon HW97

Tyroleon checkering

MaccariFT/Elite 97 stock (Detailed Bottom View)

Target, Just print it out and start shooting it.

Tyro TX200 and Tyro R7 Stocks

Tomahawk with Walnut JM stock and full length shroud

Beeman R7 American Sporter

Beeman R7 American Sporter #2

ARH HW55/50 Tyroleon

Beeman R9 GoldFinger varmint

More Goldfinger Varmint

Mandalorian R9

Maccari HW55/50S Tyro

Maccari ARH50S (top) Maccari Walther LG55 Tyro (bottom)

Another shot of the same

Beeman R7 Custom

RWS54 Project Gun in Progress

Custom ARH style stock in progress for Webley LongBow

RWS94 with Custom Walnut

Multi-Adjust TX200 stock & Tuned and customized action

Kurt Duch's Varmint R9 GoldFinger

HW50S with custom ARH stock & Maccari LG55 Tyro

Ten inch long muzzle brakes

Full house LongBow

Beeman R9ADV Custom

Beeman R7ADV with G&R 2-7X

R1 Varmint Progression

R1 Tyrolean

R1 MagnaGlide

UberLuft127 in Progress

ARH HW50S Custom

Beeman R7 with ARH stock

Dale McClure's 22cal GoldFinger Varmint

R9 Target/Hunter

FWB300 Tyroleon

R1 Laminate

Per Keirung's HW30PK

Santa Rosa Vintage R7

Beeman R9 Super/Bull Varmint

Beeman R9 Retro

Tellico Tom's R1 22cal

HW30S Camo Laminate

Weihrauch ARH50S Custom

Feinwerkbau 124T

R1 22cal Custom Shop

Feinwerkbau 127 Varmint

Walther LG55DST with ARH Tyro Stock

Beeman R1 22cal Classic

ProElite Commemorative Stock

Close up of Grip Checkering 22lpi

RWS34 Panther in Progress

Shrouds in Progress

Muzzle Brakes in Progress

Muzzle Brakes after Bluing

FWB300 Mini with RT style shroud

HW30 Laminate

R9 22cal SuperBull Custom

More later